In an increasingly mechanised world, hand crafted products using natural materials & following traditional manufacturing processes have their own special attraction.

Le Tricoteur always strive to make a garment that can be classed as a premium quality garment and thus maintain the Island's knitting industry - which can be traced back over 500 years. In the early 16th century licences were granted by the Crown to import wool from England. Originally hand-knitted in one piece the guernsey was a seaman's garment designed to keep him warm and dry in all conditions.

Both Mary I and Elizabeth I owned articles of Guernsey Knitwear.  Mary Queen of Scots allegedly wore Guernsey stockings to her execution.

By the 19th century The Guernsey had become well known. 

Nelson had recommended the garment to the Admiralty as a valuable article of naval clothing and in 1857 soldiers of the garrison in Halifax, Nova Scotia were issued with guernseys as part of their winter uniform.

More recently the crew of The Virgin Atlantic Challenger power boat were kitted out with Le Tricoteur Guernseys.  They have also been used by several of the teams in The Americas Cup events.

Five years ago Le Tricoteur produced the knitwear for the entire cast of The New York Company for their operatic production of “Peter Grimes”. In recent years our Guernseys have been used by British Forces involved in the conflicts in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over the years Le Tricoteur has gone through several changes of ownership but the people involved in the day to day running of the business, those who actually make the garments and have contact with the customers have remained the same for the last 25 to 30 years.

We are a small friendly business , we believe in the products we make and do our utmost to make sure that what we produce is a garment of true class.