Rocquaine Guernsey Jumpers

Born from the urgent need to find a way to make a quintessential guernsey on a modern knitting machine (all our vintage flatbeds are no longer being made - nor the parts to be found!)

"The Rocquaine" had many many months in development. We tweaked and perfected the knit so that it feels nearly identical to those made on our old flatbeds. 

The only difference is we can make them fully in-house. The neck gusset is hand stitched straight after linking (using the same 100% worsted wool as our Traditional Premium range) and all finished off by the same linking team in St Pierre du Bois. 

We will ALWAYS make traditional, hand finished guernseys that are sent out to all our knitters dotted around the island (the necks and shoulders are all hand knitted) and as a result they will now be considered our Premium range.  "The Rocquaine" therefore doubles as a more affordable version, sitting proudly within our Le Tricoteur range of Guernsey knitwear. 

We just wanted to be able to offer something for everyone

Designed for seafarers and fisherman, a Le Tricoteur guernsey is he perfect choice for modern day adventurers, whether on land or at sea and The Rocquaine is still as functional & still considered a working garment,  so don't worry about staying warm & dry (we've got you covered)

Please note the Rocquaine range is not included in our hand-knit mending service.  Our Traditional Premium range can still be sent back for mending, offered on a case by case basis.  


Navy Blue Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper

From £110.00

Military Green Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper

From £110.00

Dark Grey Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper

From £110.00

Navy & Cream Striped Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper

From £110.00

Tartan Red Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper

From £110.00

Fog Rocquaine Guernsey Jumper LIMITED EDITION

From £110.00