Women's Off Shoulder Guernsey Jumpers

The Off-Shoulder guernsey is a new introduction that tweaks the traditional dimensions of Le Tricoteur traditional guernsey Jumper for an alternative trapeze fit.

It sits shorter and wider in the body for those that would rather a less slim fit and doesn't hug the hips, but rather skims them. The shoulders are a more slouchy "off-shoulder" and overall we believe they are a more flattering silhouette for those ladies who might want a roomier feel to their knitwear.

All of Le Tricoteur's garments are traditionally knitted using 100% worsted wool. It’s longer, spun fibres keep out the elements, whilst retaining shape and making sure the wearer stays warm.

The very opposite of fast fashion, our method of manufacturing ensures the highest quality knit and means they last a lifetime.

Women's Aran & Navy off shoulder Guernsey Jumper


Women's Navy off shoulder Guernsey Jumper


Women's Aran off shoulder Guernsey Jumper