Kids Red & Aran Striped Traditional Guernsey Jumper : 50% OFF charity fundraiser

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We are discounting these by 50% and will donate ALL proceeds to Unicef & Save the Children - discount is applied immediately in your cart

A variation away from the more commonly found navy striped jumper Ð this Red and Cream version has been requested so many times we decided to bring it in as a permanent offering. It certainly makes you easier to spot on a crowded beach!

Featuring a tightly woven worsted wool body with ribbing and side splits. Hand finished by local knitters trained and living on the island of Guernsey. Le Tricoteur prides itself on using only traditional manufacturing methods, handed down through the centuries.

All our garments are unisex and our guernseys are reversible (they should be worn front to back and then back to front, on rotation).

Sizes range from 28 to 34 inches.

Kids: please size up by 2 inches on your usual chest size

See here for more sizing & care tips

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