Women's Shell Traditional Guernsey Jumper LIMITED EDITION

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A sweet muted shade of "shell" for this fisherman's jumper. This colour was a special dye batch produced for our overseas customers. 

Featuring tightly woven worsted wool with ribbed, raised shoulder seam and side seam splits. 

All our premium traditional guernseys are taken around the island to our team of knitters where the necks and shoulders are worked on at home using traditional methods which have been handed down through the centuries. They are then collected the following week.

Finally the pieces are hand linked with 100% wool in our small workshop on the island of Guernsey before making it onto the shelves for selection.

All our garments are unisex and designed to be reversible.

Alternate wearing your guernsey front to back and then back to front, on rotation.

Sizes range from 36 to 44 inches.
Women: please size up by 2 inches on your usual chest size. For a looser baggier fit size up + 4 inches  

Model is 5'4"

See here for more sizing & care tips.

You can visit us at Route de Rocquaine Mon-Friday until 4pm and Saturday until 1pm

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