How do I know what size to buy?
Because we use worsted wool and we knit more stitches to the line than other manufacturers, our guernseys do fit a bit snugger than a regular pullover.

We recommend + 2 inches to your widest chest measurement if you are a woman, and + 4 inches for a man. 

If you want to wear more layers underneath, prefer a roomier fit or have a lovely bit of tummy, then we recommend sizing up + 2 inches again.

If you are still unsure; another trick is to find a jumper that you already own and measure it, to compare sizing to our chart. 

On every picture we have noted down the dress or jacket size of the model and what size guernsey they are wearing.  We hope this will also help indicate what size you might be. 

How do I look after my guernsey?

Guernsey jumpers from Le Tricoteur are made to be long lasting & are knitted to a tight weave that aids their wind and water proofing ability.

Wool also doesn’t need to be washed nearly as much as synthetic man made fibres. It self-regulates its moisture levels too - which helps stop the build-up of soggy bacteria (and nasty smells ) and as a result it stays fresher longer. 

Their unique design means they can be worn either way and we recommend you wear it front to back, then back to front on rotation.

Do not hang it up on a hanger. Because they are a 100% wool garment they are best stored folded so the natural yarn doesn’t stretch. 

We use premium 100% worsted wool from our mill in the Pennines and we hand-finish every single garment but should your guernsey come a little frayed or unstitched we are happy to offer a mending service. Please take a picture and send us a photo here explaining what needs a bit of TLC.

Moth babies can be known to feast on wool so if you want to avoid a scattering of half eaten holes, Please use a bag of cedar wood balls to store alongside your favourite sweaters.

Can I put my guernsey in the washing machine?

We certainly don’t recommend it but we have known brave souls try a very gentle wool wash.

In our opinion all our Le Tricoteur knitwear is best hand washed in warm water (not hot) with a washing detergent that’s specifically designed for wool, then rinsed clean in hand temperature water and dried flat. 

Do not rub or wring.

When the water has run clean of bubbles, you can put it on a spin cycle (no more than 600 will do) to get the bulk of the water out before spreading it out flat to dry.

Do not leave it drying in direct sun / draped over a radiator or drip dryed on a hanger.

Back in the day It was not uncommon to see guernseys draped over shady hedgerows to dry.

If you prefer, you can also dry-clean our knitwear.

Do you do bespoke orders?
In short - Yes!

If you see a style of jumper, jacket, scarf, beanie or dobbo hat that you like, but can’t see it in the colour you would prefer, do get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Drop us an email at sales@letricoteur.co and tell us what it is you’d like to order.

We can also do made to measure and have made jumpers wider, longer, stripier and shorter.

All bespoke items cannot be returned so please double, triple check measurements & colour selection as we will get you to sign off on that extra special order. 

What is worsted wool?

Worsted wool fabric is very wind and spray resistant.

Because it is finer and smoother it knits a tighter weave so it is better at keeping out the elements.

The wool itself has a slightly waxy coating which also helps to repel water.  

Le Tricoteur have sourced our yarn from the same family owned mill in the Peak District. 

Do you do repairs?
Yes, we do. 

Originally knitted to be every day workwear, guernseys are designed to be practical and made to be long lasting – the ultimate in sustainable fashion.

We regularly get sent jumpers that are 20 years old and need a sleeve repair or the neck needs a bit of rework.

If your guernsey needs mending drop us an email at sales@letricoteur.co and we’ll be in touch with details about how to send it to us for repairs.

I need to send something back – what’s your returns policy?
If you’re not happy with your order, for whatever reason, we will happily refund you on receipt of your returned item as long as it is in perfect condition. See here for our full returns policy.

We cannot accept bespoke items as returns.

If you have received it as a gift we will still accept a return or exchange as long as you can give us the order number and name of the gifter. 

Any differences in price between exchange items will be refunded (lower price item) or charged (higher price item) before the new item is despatched.      

In high season (e.g. after Christmas) it may take a little longer for exchanges to be processed.

I want an item in a different colour - is that possible?

Yes, if you see an item you’d like to buy, but not in the colour you’d prefer, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

I want an item in a different size - is that possible?

Yes, if you see an item you’d like to buy, but not in the size you’re thinking of please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. 

We have made all sorts over the years, from jumper dresses to guernseys in your favourite rugby team colours. 

Delivery & Returns

All postage to mainland UK is free. 

We use Guernsey post on a regular first class service, but if you would like your item tracked then you can pay extra at checkout. 

As we despatch from a small island there can sometimes be a delay due to bad weather affecting the boats or airplanes being unable to dock or land.

Please go here for more details on postage rates 

If you order many items we may contact you to pay for additional postage or even suggest using a different carrier method that could be more cost effective. 


We do not charge VAT or TAX to our customers abroad but we do collect UK VAT for all mainland UK purchases.

It will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for any local duty or Taxes in the country they are receiving their order   


Each piece is hand tagged with the dye batch, the machine it was woven on, the name of the linker and the name of the finishing knitter – all guaranteeing authenticity.

Le Tricoteur supports a historic cottage industry that is socially inclusive to the older generation of hand knitting finishers who are employed on the Island and without the 1000’s carbon miles attached to fast fashion. 

How to Measure

Our guernseys and knitwear range is unisex and in much in the same way as it would have been for generations, simply sized in inches around the chest. 

Laid flat and measured across the width, the chest size = measurement x 2

As an example, our size 36 measures 18 inches across the front or back

Arm length is measured from shoulder to sleeve 

For overall length, we take the measurement from shoulder to hem 

We have provided a handy conversion chart for those who think in metric. (please see the chart listed in question 1 at the top)

In addition, our knitwear is made from 100% worsted wool and consequently has a tight knit. Some people find our jumpers and jackets feel that they are on the small size because of this – we always advise our customers to size up at the least + 2inches from their chest size,  


Go here to read the full set of our legals, delivery, returns and terms of sale