Knitted Wool Accessories

Le Tricoteur prides itself on only using traditional manufacturing methods handed down through the centuries.

All of Le Tricoteur's garments are traditionally knitted using 100% worsted wool. It’s longer, stronger fibres give a tighter knit, keeping out the elements, while retaining shape and making sure the wearer stays warm.

Designed for seafarers and fisherman, Le Tricoteur is still the perfect choice for modern day adventurers, whether on land or at sea.

Navy Knitted Beanie £25.00
Navy Dobbo (short knitted beanie) £22.00
Dark Green Knitted Beanie £25.00
Tartan Red Knitted Beanie £25.00
Indigo Blue Knitted Beanie £25.00
Burgundy Knitted Beanie £25.00
Black Dobbo (short knitted beanie) £22.00
Mid Grey Knitted Beanie £25.00
Navy Knitted Scarf £30.00
Mustard Yellow Knitted Beanie £25.00
Red Knitted Scarf £30.00
Aran Knitted Beanie £25.00
Mid Grey Knitted Scarf £30.00
Dark Grey Knitted Scarf £30.00
Le Tricoteur Gift Card From £25.00
Military Green Knitted Scarf £30.00
Indigo Blue Knitted Scarf £30.00
Oatmeal Beanie £25.00
aran £30.00
Light Grey Knitted Scarf £30.00
Dark Green Knitted Scarf £30.00