Traditional guernseys made with 100% wool

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Welcome to le tricoteur

Welcome to the home of Le Tricoteur. The only authentic guernsey to be hand finished on the island of Guernsey by artisan knitters. A beautifully practical sweater that’s made to last, is easily repairable and is of a timeless design that we all know and love as the original fisherman’s jumper.

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Story of the Guernsey

The island of Guernsey has been home to gifted knitters of world renown for centuries, and our family started creating authentic knitwear nearly 60 years ago.

We’re pleased to say that we carry on the island tradition, employing a talented team who finish our guernseys by hand. We’d be amazed if at least some of our knitters were not descended from those responsible for creating the very first guernsey jumpers all those years ago. We take great pride in the small part we play in upholding Guernsey’s long and illustrious heritage for creating fine knitwear.

The guernsey jumper was originally created by the wearer’s family for protection and practicality out of necessity and love – an ethos that we continue to this day.

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