Charcoal & Mustard Yellow Striped Knitted Beanie

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The charcoal grey & mustard yellow striped beanie hat that will see you through all four seasons, and never go out of style.

Our beanies were created by serendipity. Finding we'd knitted a few too many cuffs one week, we decided to close up one end and pop it on our head, instant beanie! We have continued to make our beanies from the cuffs of our guernseys ever since.

They are made from the same high quality worsted wool sourced from the heart of the Pennines, which has excellent waterproof qualities, so is ideal for hats.

You can adjust the hem how you see fit: single or double cuff, whatever suits.

All our beanies are one size.

We offer a local in-store discount if you can visit us at Route de Rocquaine Mon-Friday until 4pm.

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